Certified Leadership Coach

About Me

I help business owners go from survival to success with custom coaching and support.

I’m not here to dictate your decisions. I’m here to empower you to make your own.

Here’s the truth: I’m not here to give orders or say you should give up on your dreams because they’re different from mine. I’ll never tell you to “just work harder”. 

And I promise you, that little voice inside your head telling you you’re not cut out for this is 100% wrong. 

Because I know everyone has what it takes to be a leader.


You have the freedom to choose and the power to achieve.


You create the vision of what you want, and you decide how to get it. You have choice and autonomy. You get to choose. You’re in control here. Your circumstances don’t control you, you get to control them. Freedom. You have the power to choose.


You are the hero in your own story.

Here’s the real story…


26 years ago, I started my career on the back of a garbage truck.

I have to say, I spent most of my life committed to proving everyone wrong. Tell me I couldn’t do something? Nope, f*ck that. It just made me work even harder. After 8 years on the truck, I moved to the corporate side of Waste Management, and I fought hard for every promotion I got.

When I became a Director, I looked like I’d made it. But in reality, I felt frustrated, unfulfilled, and trapped. I had Sunday (and even Saturday) dread about going back to work every week. Finally, I asked myself, “is this how I want my life to look until I retire?”


Nope, f*ck that.


I realized it was time to leave the comfort of corporate and make a difference in other people’s lives. So I took my years of training, immersed myself in more learning, and started my own business.

Now, as a full-time Leadership Coach, I help business owners create the businesses they really want (not just the ones they think they should want). And here’s the thing: seeing how my support changes your business fires me up. But seeing how it changes your life means everything to me.