The Business Owner's Coach

Ready to shift your business strategy from reactive to proactive?

This is custom leadership coaching and consulting for small business owners. Because you deserve to enjoy the business you’re building.

You started your business to build you up, not break you down.


Right now, you wouldn’t exactly call your business a well-oiled machine. Most days, you’re just trying to keep it all together. 

You’re swamped with all the tasks you tried to delegate to someone else and no one seems to listen to you no matter what you say. 

You’re too busy living in crisis-mode to even think about long-term strategy. You end every day feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and out of control.

You really wish you didn’t have to do everything yourself. You want to stop playing employee and embrace your role as a leader. And now, you’re ready to put yourself first so you can have the business you’ve always dreamed of.


“Michelle helped me step into the mindset of being proactive instead of reactive. I’m now able to step away from my business for my maternity leave knowing that everything is running smoothly. That just wouldn’t have been possible before.”
Heidi Crowell
Owner, Complete K9 Inc.

Leadership Coaching and Consulting

Deep down, you know that what you’re doing right now isn’t working.

You’re open to change, but you’d rather get customized support than sit through another management training.

When you want leadership coaching and consulting that’s laser-focused on your unique goals, I’m here to help.

Hey friends, I’m Michelle!

I help burnt-out business owners take control of their businesses and their lives.

Listen, I believe every small business owner deserves to enjoy their business. I want you to wake up excited for work because you’re able to focus on the aspects of your business that light you up. And if that sentence made your heart skip a beat, I just love that you’re here.

My leadership coaching and consulting isn’t a one-size-fits-all quick fix. It’s a dynamic relationship that will help you develop the mindset and skills you need to feel like the leader you already are.

“This realization has reshaped the way I view my work and my self-worth.”

“When it came time to set fees for complex cases, I found myself in a quandary. I knew the value of my experience and expertise, yet I couldn't shake the feeling that clients might balk at the costs. The concern about appearing overconfident led me to question my rates, which sometimes meant I risked undervaluing my services. Michelle's straightforward question, "Why do you believe you're not worth it?" made me stop and reconsider my worth. That led to a fee proposal that I felt truly represented my value, despite some initial apprehension about the possibility of losing a key client over it. The moment I sent off the proposal, I felt a sense of relief. By sticking to my rates, I was not only being true to my clients but to myself as well. Their acceptance was a watershed moment for me. It made me confront a long-standing habit of underestimating myself, which I now understand was unwarranted. This realization has reshaped the way I view my work and my self-worth.”
Aileen Farrol
Farrol Consulting